Headteachers, business support managers, bursars – the wait is over – TheSchoolBus website is about to change your lives. Expert advice, downloadable templates and a wide range of quality suppliers are going to save you time, money whilst increasing productivity.


There’s a world of expertise and knowledge out there waiting to help inform and inspire school leaders.

But just because it exists doesn’t mean that it’s easy to access, or that you have necessarily benefited from it.

Such is the variety of insight and advice available that finding, filtering, prioritising and using it has been next to impossible for many, many schools.

You might read a good compliance article here, meet a useful HR service supplier there, or be referred to a decent marketing company by chance, but consolidating all those helpful resources into your school management system can be hit and miss.

Few have sat down and aggregated the best information; the information that school leadership teams in the UK need most, readily accessible and in user-friendly formats. Not until now that is.

TheSchoolBus changes all that. A brand new online support service, created and delivered by UK education experts, that gives you instant access to:

• A huge range of valuable downloadable templates

• A list of first class support service suppliers and their expert guidance

• Expert educational support and advice from companies at the cutting edge of their sectors

• Help, guidance and advice that is swift and easy to access

And the subscription levels are outstanding value in the sector:

• For primary schools – £250 per annum

• For secondary schools – £500 per annum

• For schools enjoying subscription through a local authority or an academy trust – £200 per annum per school

TheSchoolBus offers expert advice on everything from catering and finance to school leadership, governance to health and safety.

It’s all there, helping to give you a sustainable advantage in the school management game. Use TheSchoolBus to work more efficiently, creating time and cash resource that will be better spent on teaching.

TheSchoolBus the best education resource you never had… is almost here. And with it – TheSchoolBus Foundation, a charitable trust that will inject financial support into worthy education projects in the UK and beyond.

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School leadership is changing; greater autonomy means more responsibility, means greater accountability. It also means that managing resources to ensure that your school gets the very best quality input at the very best value can be a significant challenge. You’ll know better than anyone – modern education is a mightily complex business.

So if you’re spending crazy amounts of time and energy joining the dots, piecing the school management jigsaw together – the compliance, the legalities, the financial services, the HR and suppliers – then here’s a single simple resource that will help you. It’s a map. It’s a control. It’s a brand new online resource developed specifically for education professionals like you.

It’s called TheSchoolBus and it gives you access to:

• Expert educational support.
• A range of downloadable templates.
• Extensive supplier lists.
• Governance, HR, Legal, Health & Safety, Technology, Finance and so much more

Use TheSchoolBus for the quickest and the easiest way to get from where you are now – juggling priorities, fighting for value, neck deep in what ifs, to where you want to be – delivering a world class standard of education efficiently, effectively and harmoniously.

To celebrate the launch of TheSchoolBus we’re giving away five fantastic new Microsoft Surface Tablets. For your chance to win one, along with a free year’s subscription for your school, simply click here.


Time? It’s your most valuable asset. But it’s short, it’s stretched, rarely on your side. And all of the time you need to be making the very best decisions for your school, for your staff, for your pupils. Better leaders, better decisions, better results.

As a leader you know only too well that leadership can be demanding; little secret in that. And of course no one ever said it would be easy, but honestly, did anyone say it would get this involved? The options? The legalities? The value comparisons? The need to please everybody… all the time.

That’s why we’ve created TheSchoolBus. It’s a specialist online resource designed to:

• Save you time.
• Save you money.
• Dramatically increase productivity.

In short – to make your life a whole lot easier.

More than simply a website TheSchoolBus is a gathering point, a community – an oasis of fresh insight and ideas. Innovative thinking designed by educationalists for educationalists and delivered for anyone looking to stay ahead of the educational management game.

Perfect for head teachers, SLT, school business managers, bursars, senior administrators and finance staff a single simple School Bus subscription.

School Bus – all the school management information you need – all in one place.

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